For its research, documentation and publishing activities, the Institute has been able to win several partners that supply us with state-of-the-art technology or exchange information with us. With the co-operation and support of its partners, the Institute is able to create complete high quality virtual models of almost any sculpture and evaluate the art-historical significane of the results. 

Academic institutions:

- Fachhochschule Augsburg CIM and
  Robotics Labaratory

- Max-Planck Institut fuer Informatik
  Saarbruecken, VIHAP 3D platform

- Fachhochschule Potsdam, restauration of
  stone sculptures

- Brunel University, London 3D Murale project

- North Dakota State University Archeology
  Technologies Labaratory

Moreover, we co-operate with a number of art museums in Germany, Switzerland, France and Poland, and with independent art-historical experts and corporate partners. 

Independent art-historical experts:

- Prof. Dr. Jacques de Caso, University of Berkeley,
  California, USA

- Prof. Dr. David Schaff, independent Art Consultant,
  Philadelphia, USA

- Dr. Alain Beausire, former documentalist at the
  Musee Rodin, Paris, independent Art Consultant

Corporate partners:

- Duwe 3D Software and Consulting AG, consultant
  and representative for PolyWorks/InnovMetric

- Breuckmann GmbH, structured light 3D scanners

- Descam GmbH, ModelMaker laser stripe
  triangulation scanners

- 3D Solutions and Technics, ModelMaker laser
  stripe triangulation scanners

- GOM GmbH, structured light 3D scanners

- Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH, laser scanning
  system with infrared tracking

- E-Magine, single line-of sight-laser scanner

- Rautenbach Guss GmbH, computer tomography
  X-ray scanner system

- 3D Scanners, producers of ModelMaker 3D sencors

- Wolfram Koehler, survey agency, ultrasound
  tomography scanning system

- Conzept Solutions GmbH, 3D scanning service

- TopoMetric GmbH, 3D scanning service provider

- 3D Compression Technologies Inc., 3D
  compression software for Internet presentations

- Dinkel GmbH, professional photo and video

- Anagram GmbH, high-end photo camera